If I remember correctly, on the phone you mentioned that theres been a poor online reputation lately? (mention the accounts that are bashing viso)

What are your thoughts on keeping the longtime customers loyalty?

Should the focus shift to national markets and away from the local heritage of VISO?

It is valuable for a brand to keep a good online reputation, and over time I’d like to help earn that.

I know that if VISO continues making a great product, the crowd will either come to VISO’s defense or determine their complaints aren’t relevant.

But I think from my position can help assist a positive view in how VISO is evolving.

By making the VISO Instagram ( as well as any other social media outlet you want VISO to be on ) a resource for valuable, interesting content.

When people are interested in a product they tend to search for it on their main source of social media.


Once the the account has some foundation, it might be a good idea to look into purchasing Instagram ADs displaying in areas that VISO is just starting to be sold in.

Based on my experience Instagram ADs run about $.70 CPC (cost per click)

I’ve also heard of companies paying per impression, so the AD isn’t clickable, but in the image and caption will let the user know VISO is being sold near them. I think that runs something like $10 for a thousand views.

The strategy there would be brand recognition. If they’ve already seen it while scrolling through their feed, then see it on the shelf they’ll be more inclined to pick it up.

Just getting people to try VISO is sometimes all you need. ( Impulse buy, subliminal advertising, they might see it on the shelf first then in their feed)

Instagram ADs tend to be double the price of Facebook ADs, because Instagram sees 10 times higher engagement than Facebook ADs.

Targets Include: Location, age, gender, language, demographics, interests, behaviors and common connections.

top of the funnel content marketing

The content that brands regularly post on Instagram have less to do with products and services, and everything to do with attention grabbing content thats easily consumable.

My past experience working at a social media ad agency, they would say the key elements to Top Of The Funnel marketing, ( like on Instagram and Facebook ), is create content thats:

Engaging, Buyer-centric ( aka positive customer interaction ), Visually Native to the Platform ( looks like its user generated content not corporate marketing ) and use the term Snackable often ( they would always use the quick 10 second State-Farm ADs as an example of “Snackable” ).

All in all easy to consume and scroll on to keep people seeing the logo or the product.


Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar don’t use social media to talk about their product. They just illustrate their global marketing strategy.

These brands strategy is to get the highest level of exposure through massive sponsorships of athletes and sport franchises then post as if they are more of a premium lifestyle brand than an energy drink brand.

What I need to know from Alex

How much creative freedom will I have?

Limitations? Does the product always need to be shown? Can I post content that doesn’t show the VISO bottle but shows the logo, brand name or contents of the bottle?

Brand Personality? Brands on social media tend to see more success when their posts looks less like and advertisement and more like a human being is posting them.

Does VISO have a sense of humor? ( talk about your ideas such as, VISO convenient store, the rocket ship, )

Is VISO serious? Or is it playful?

Responding to comments and messages?

Is there a protocol to responding to positive and negative comments?

Is there a clear “best practices” procedure implemented?

What steps should I take if someone requests information that I don’t know? ( contact you? refer back to a cheat sheet? )

Whats VISOs next move?

My goal is to lead users in the direction VISO is heading. Is there a calendar style agenda that I will be able to refer to?

What alex needs to know from me

This opportunity will allow me to invest in more updated equipment, allowing me to create cleaner, more diverse visuals faster. So throughout this project, you will see progress not only in VISOs online reputation but also with the content that I’m producing.

Building a follower fan base takes time. VISOs social media will basically have to start from scratch at this point. The best move forward is just generating creative content, interacting with users and possibly purchasing AD space.

I will dedicate more time into VISO. I will likely spend more time than I put in the retainer proposal. This is more of an opportunity than a job position for me.


I think it’s a good idea to keep an active website up. A good looking website acts as online store front for a brand. A landing for people Google searching the product.

What should be on the website?

Your mission statement, store locator, contact information.

Do people regularly purchase VISO off the website?

What is the biggest cost of the website?

Does it need to be regularly updated?

Can it strictly be a resource for VISO Information?


Sell the best energy drink

Its not a lifestyle drink

If you want to feel good drink a VISO

8oz red bull is the cost the same

Better feeling from VISO

red bull is the rolls viso is the ferrari

natural caffeine

kombucha competition

healthy lifestyle

Whole Foods, Fred, Safeway, Dairy,